3D Games – New Technology of Advancing Gaming

3D games, a new technology which is going to advance gaming feature. Now graphic drivers are available to enhance the visual experience. Many games are available, and even are very famous. Even these are not limited to 2-3 genres. Many genres are there of 3D games.

Everyone knows 3D movies, either in terms of X, Y and Z axis or by simply through 3D glasses. 3D audio are also there, which provide an effect of surrounding sound. Movie and audio have both different – different features, of this new technology of 3D. But now including both, gaming companies have developed 3D games. Having both feature of audio and video.

3d games, new technology

3d gaming, new technology to play

These are games are so not much known by everyone. But people who plays them provides feedback of awesome experience. These games have a real time experience. As like the 3D movies, these 3D games provides also have same experience. And you may also like to play such games. Lets go on with this new technology.

Batman Arkham Asylum – new technology of 3D experienced

The game which every gamer plays atleast once. A game having an unbeatable experience of gaming. Now this game also have new technology of 3D gaming. This game is getting a top listing in 3D games. As in increasing in terms of gaming feature, Batman is now also having a great experience.

Batman Arkham Asylum, 3D games, new technology

Batman Arkham Asylum, available in 3D gaming experience

This game is developed by Rocksteady Studios, using gaming engine ‘Unreal Engine 3‘. PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, OS X Cloud (OnLive) are platforms for this game. his game provides an virtual stealth mode gaming experience for gamers.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – top in 3D games

A Superb first person shooter game, like by most gamers. A game having an ultimate shooting experience. An experience of around every type of guns, rifles, grenades , etc. used in army. An ultimate experience of both solo multi-player gaming experience. And now developed with new technology of 3D, gives an unbeatable real time shooting play.

Call of Duty Black Ops, 3D games, new technology

Call of Duty Black Ops, An ultimate first person shooter game in 3D

A game developed on ‘IW 3.0 and Demonware’ engine, and by Treyarch and n-Space. This game is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and iOS. This game provides an ultimate virtual shooting experience.

 Super street Fighter VI: arcade with 3D technology

Super Streer Fighter is a game like tekkan. This is just a simple fighting game, developed in 2010. But as 3d is involved, its fighting experience has developed. People have bought 1.8 million copies as it came into market. This game is competing others games in term of virtual game performance.

Super Street Fighter IV, 3D games, arcade game

Super Street Fighter IV, arcade game of 3D technology

This game was developed by ‘Dimps /Capcom‘. This game was released by name Nintendo 3Ds. This game has its own experience for those, who do not want to play first person shooter games.

L.A. Noire : action adventure in 3D games

L.A. Noire an action adventure thrid person shooting, crime game. This game is designed having great ideas of real surrounding experience. 32 cameras were used to capture real expressions of characters. And these expressions are to be suspected by gamer to find criminal.

LA Noire, 3d games, action adventure

LA Noire, action adventure crime game

This game was published by Rockstar Games. And this game is available for PlayStation, PC’s. This game is for those who want to play a strategy game.

Civilization V : 3D technology in strategy gaming experience

Civilization, a strategy game played by many people around the world. A game played using strategy to expand our kingdom or civilization. It was released recently and played by many people. This game has mulitplayer gaming option, And this game has 18 playable civilizations available to play.

Civilization V, 3D games, strategy game

Civilization V, strategy game developed incredibly

This game was published by 2K Games, and by Firaxis Games. Many people has a passin to play such games. And now his passion is increased by 3D gaming experience.





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