How to add music into your Youtube Videos without getting “Third Party Content”


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A good music is a soul for a movie. The same goes with the Youtube videos. If there is right music then it can deliver every emotion and humor into your video that could lead your videos for millions of views.

You can’t simply pluck a song from your iTunes library. Using a song you don’t own the rights to can leave your video looking more like a silent film. YouTube’s Audio ID technology automatically scans and detects copyrighted songs and gives you a “third party content” Warning. So, what is this “Third party content” system and how to get rid of it and use your own favorite music ?

How to add music into your Youtube Videos without getting “Third Party Content”

How to add music into youtube videos

As soon as YouTube’s Audio ID technology  detects copyrighted songs inside videos and it just disables the audio or serves additional advertising on the video that is paid back to the rights holder.

YouTube’s enforcement means copy-paste is no more an answer, and independent artists are looking for new ways to get their hard work heard.

Consequently, a host of options have popped up for users looking to integrate original music into their memes-to-be. Here’s a look at a few of them.

1. Ever Heard of “Stock Audio”?

If you are a blogger then i am sure you must have heard about Stock photo libraries. It allows the user to use their photos. All you need to do is just sign legal agreement. Similarly, the Stock Audio Libraries work. There are sites like istockphoto that offers music rights from 3.60 USD to 90$ USD. It depends on the license  and the mode od payment you choose.

If you are looking for the famous composers then this might be a best option for you.

2. Creative common License

Creative common is an amazing platform that is designed to let artists share their work with the public with the creator maintaining certain rights. It includes audio and pictures from individual creators on sites like Wikipedia, flickr.

You can go ahead and choose from four categories –

– denoted as “By”. It allows anyone to share their work, provided they credit the creator.

– Denoted as “Share alike”. It allows other to use your creativity. All they need to do is provide the same license for others to use the derivative works.

– Denoted as “No derivative works” (nd) dictates the song can only be used verbatim.

– Non-commercial” (nc) restricts songs to use in private videos. That is something not made for Vloggers.


You can find free Creative common audio in sites like and If you dont like those sites then there is one more –  Jamendo. It has almost millions of soundtrack.

3. Pay per Use Basis

If you are a very picky person and looking for a specific soundtrack then pay per use license would be your fine deal. Dont forget to bookmark these sites –

Friendly Music

It offers some nice options starting from $2 per track to 50-50 profit share basis. You can search your song by genre or any keyword, though the soundtrack may not be from well not artists but still you may love them.

Primary Elements

It is for those who are looking to upload a video more than a minute or to have a common theme across multiple videos in a series. You can even download a full cd of royalty free music. License options range from $19 to $189 depending on whether the songs will be used for commercial purposes and if you plan to credit the website.

4. Learn to compose at your own

Copyright protection expires 70 years after an artist’s death, that only covers the composition. The best way to get rid of this so called “copyright” mess is that dust off your Guitar, Piano and start composing your own.

If you find any alternate way to add music into your Youtube video then just dont forget to share it with us.




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