Charge Mobile with your HEARTBEATS – New Technology


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Do you want to get rid of charger? Or, You don’t like to carry a charger everywhere where you go to charge your mobile. Then, In future you don’t need to carry a charger any more. I got surprised after knowing that how technology is evolving very fast. And I am very sure that you will also get surprised after knowing this new technology. Yes, very soon you will be able to charge mobile with your heartbeats. Or in another words I can say that you can produce energy with constant moving organ in your body like heart, lungs and diaphragm. 

how to charge mobile with your heartbeats

Implantable Battery: Charge mobile with your HEARTBEATS

A team comprising of Chinese and US scientists has revealed new technology implantable battery which can be charged by your heartbeats or constant moving organs. Scientists have already use implantable battery in cow. And successfully produce sufficient energy by this new technology to charge a PACEMAKER. And in future it is expected that it can be use to charge various gadgets.

Scientists believe that multiple chips can be use in same organ to produce more energy. But this is currently in research.

How to charge mobile with your Heartbeats?

There are several questions in your mind like how this new technology works? and How it is made of? How long will it take to come market? This new technology chip is a tiny piezoelectric power plants which are made of lead zirconate titanate nano-ribbons, housed in bio-compatible plastic. It also contain rectifier the electric signals and and a tiny rechargeable battery, all encased in the same plastic. And the approximate time  to come this new technology in market is about Five Years.

Well, you will be definitely surprised after reading this. And you are happy too after reading as you don’t need a charger to charge your mobile. You can charge mobile with your heartbeats.



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