How to delete Facebook account permanently?


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How to delete facebook accountDo you know how to delete facebook account permanently? Do you have any conflict with someone or do you think Facebook is no longer useful to you then you have an option to delete Facebook account. You must have listen that Facebook has never given that option. It only has the option to deactivate your Facebook account. This is not true Facebook now has provided the option to delete Facebook account permanently. That means you are not able to retrieve your data again.

Well, I can say that Facebook is very smart. Earlier it only has the option for deactivation because they know that what important role social media play in your life. Just because of anyone or exams or any other reasons you can’t break contact with all your other friends. But still they have provided the option to delete account due to some reasons like if you have two account etc.. And of-course you will not find the option to delete Facebook account permanently easily.

Well, I will prefer you to think twice or thrice before deleting Facebook account. Because Facebook is the place where you are in contact of your all friends. And not only that you are also able to make backup of your photos collection. I saying this thing to you because I have faced this problem when I lost my all data but I was able to retrieve my photos (A beautiful memories) from Facebook.

Before starting to the steps to delete Facebook account permanently you must have some question in your mind like what is difference between deactivate or delete accounts, what happen to your data, will you able reactivate your account or data? etc. So lets start with these questions.

What is the difference between deactivate or delete account?

If you deactivate your account you are able to retrieve your your account your all data and photos are safe. You are able to use Facebook again from where you have left it earlier. But remember when you deactivate your account people on Facebook are not able to search you on Facebook.

deactivate facebook account

But if you delete Facebook account permanently then you are not able regain your account in future. You will lost every thing. So, it better to deactivate rather than delete Facebook account permanently until and unless you have a very big reason.

How to delete Facebook account permanently?

To delete Facebook account you need to follow these steps given below:-

  1. Step 1.- First save your all data from Facebook. To save all data you can “Download a copy of your Facebook data” from general setting of your Facebook account. Click Here to know more about downloading a copy of copy facebook account
  2. Step 2.- Go to Activity Log and clear all Facebook history. This will help ensure that as little data about you remains as possible after your account is deleted.
  3. Step 3.- Go to Delete Account Page. Click Here to go to this page.
    delete permnently my facebook account
  4. Step 4.- Click on Delete My Account button. Enter PASSWORD and CAPTCHA, And then click Okay Button.
    delete facebook account, enter password captcha
  5. Step 5.- You will need to wait 14 days for the deletion to take effect.



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