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Today, the March 16,¬†on the occasion of birthday of this site ūüėČ This time I’ve¬†a very special software to gift to my site¬†– “Extended Clipboard”.¬†As the name suggests, Extended Clipboard – an advanced cut, copy, paste software that will enhance your¬†experience by extending your PC’s clipboard into 9 different clipboards.

What is Extended Clipboard?

Extended Clipboard, cut, copy, paste

Extended Clipboard is an advanced utility software¬†to transform¬†your computer’s existing clipboard into 9 different unique clipboards. And now on each one of 9 clipboards you can perform cut, copy, paste actions individually just using shortcuts as simple as CTRL+C+1, CTRL+V+1 etc.

The purpose why I designed Extended Clipboard is as simple as¬†¬†the fact “necessity is the mother of invention”.

Like any other techie person, I just felt the necessity if clipboard access was too easy like CTRL+C+1, CTRL+V+1,¬†and so on…

Before the launch of Extended Clipboard, cut , copy  and paste operations were never been easier in data entry fields where you have to enter data in bulk.

Technical Details

System requirements: Microsoft Windows XP and later versions
Privileges required: None
Ram: 512 MB
HDD Space: 0.6 MB
Current Version: 2.01

VirusTotal: 100% safe Virus Total Report

Features of Extended Clipboard

Applications for Extended Clipboard start from daily  cut, copy, paste operations of laymen and is a great tool for programmers, graphic designers, data entry, etc.

Extended clipboard is a lightweight utility and handles all type of data, image, text, audio, files. etc.

How to use Extended Clipboard

As discussed above extended clipboard will extended your clipboard into 9 different isolated clipboards which are ready for independent cut, copy and paste operations.

How to Use Extended Clipboard

how to paste in extended clipboard


Extended Clipboard issues with Numeric keypad and Function Keys

During the software testing face, we found issues with different keyboard vendors. Many keyboard vendor has different keyboard circuitry and with some keyboard circuits, some combinations like CTRL+V+8 or CTRL+X+2 might not work while in other circuits it works.
Extended Clipboard Keys

So, we have designed the system so advanced that you can either use numeric keypad keys or function keys or primary digit keys (below function keys). It depends upon your choice and the circuitry of your keyboard.

Let’s learn about some applications of extended clipboard.

Copying files with Extended Clipboard

Say we have copied 2 files from drive C: and we have to paste first file in D drive and second file in E drive. We don’t have the option for it. But with Extended Clipboard solved this issue.

You just need to copy first file by pressing CTRL+C+1 and second file by pressing CTRL+C+2 and so on… as you need till CTRL+C+9.¬†Now, just go to the location and press the¬†corresponding combination like,¬†CTRL+V+1 for the first while CTRL+V+9¬†for the 9th file.

Extended Clipboard, cut, copy, paste files

Data Entry with Extended Clipboard

Say we need to copy 2 students data to different to¬†10 different sites. And each student’s data contains, say 9¬†attributes – first name, last name, dob, gender, class, username, email, phone and address.

Old Techniques

So, what we usually do is to first copy name of 1st student and paste it to all 10 sites and then come back to take email of 1st student and go to site again to copy email and so on… ahh!! how tedious it will be to going back and forth¬†so many times for just a single student.

The Extended Clipboard Technique

With the advanced technique of Extended Clipboard you just need to copy all 9 attributes of 1st student and then just paste them on all sites with actions as CTRL+V+1 for the first while CTRL+V+9 for the 9th attribute. And then repeat this for all students. Look, how easy it was.

Extended Clipboard, data entry


  • Extended Clipboard is a great tool for programmers, designers and data entry people.
  • Saves a lot of time when dealing with heavy cut, copy, paste operations
  • Lightweight – Only 0.2 MB of size.
  • Maintains conventional hot key standards.
  • Capable to handle Images, Text, Audio and Files

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