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When we send email to anyone of something regarding privacy. Then we remain in tension that whether that mail will not get forwarded to not anyone. And not like only forwarded, but also not even get printed. But until now, we are not getting such email  forwarding prevention service  from anyone. We are all always in such pressure about the email privacy. But now such service is been provided by BSNL.


Email forward service become secured

In Delhi, India, BSNL is now providing such facility, to all of their broadband users. And using such service you are provided with full privacy in your hands. Chairman and chief Director of BSNL Mr. R. K. Upadhyay, has launched this service on Saturday 17 May. And this email forwarding prevention server will be having server in India only.

This email forwarding service helps also in tracing the mail data. And hence it will be useful in security purpose. And this email forwarding service is one of its own kind.  And this advance email service has been started from Pink City, Jaipur.

Email Forwarding service from 15 June

All BSNL users will be provided this service use from 15 June 2014. As like other services, the basic email services are free for everyone. But for this email forwarding service users has to pay. And the charges fir this service is INR 999 per year. As it is a very secure service hence it is not free. But as it is very useful, and may be used by most of citizens. Hence this service may become cheap.

launching of email forwarding prevention service

Email Forwarding service was launched in Jaipur on Saturday

This email forwarding service is developed with the help of DATA Infosys. Data Infosys helped BSNL to developed this service. And the center of this email forwarding service will be in Jaipur and Delhi city. And Delhi Data Center will be under BSNL consideration.

Internal Information and Security matters will be secured

BSNL has claimed that this email forwarding service will be very helpful. This service will help in handling the internal information and security matters. All information will be secured using this service. All the security matter and information will be under surveillance.


Server in India causes more mail security

BSNL has started process to join every governing sectors with this email forwarding service. Director N. K. Gupta has told in conference that all major data is sent through mails. And most of the people are using gmail and hotmail. and servers of these mail service is outside India. All these cause a fear of leak of legal documents and information.

More privacy with data

There are many more features with this email forwarding prevention service.


Email forwarding privacy with more benefits

  • Alerts can also be sent to a person to whom mail is sent.
  • Rights management will be provided. A sender can block forwarding and printing of a mail using this service.
  • Sending and receiving of data more than 100 Mb can be done.
  • SMS will be sent as for delivery of mail.
  • Has the mail been read or not can also be notified to the sender.
  • Secured and hidden attachment, personal mail group like services are also provided.
  • One time Password will be provided in case of password forget to the registered phone number.
  • Many mails can be composed at a single time.



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