Facebook Launched new search engine: Graph Search

Well, you have definitely faced a problem like that you have seen something interesting on Facebook. And you want to watch it  again or want to show it to your friends and you didn’t find it. At this time you feel like a hapless.Now you don’t need to panic at this stage because Facebook has introduced their own search engine: GRAPH SEARCH.


Facebook has started changing it in all accounts. Very soon you will able to see this new search engine in your account. They have first started  with a limited beta program for English (US) audiences.

Really Facebook is trying compete Google. Daily you will see some new  changes in your account. And now finally they are introducing their own search engine Graph Search. Will Graph search is able leave Google back… Lets See..!

What is Graph Search?

Well, Graph Search is not a normal search engine as Google, Bing etc. which search everything from all over the world relevant to your interest. It is totally a different concept.

Graph Search is developed by under former Google employees Lars Rasmussen and Tom Stocky.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the Graph Search would take the benefit of Facebook’s one billion members, 240 billion photos, and 1 trillion interpersonal connections.

When you search anything on Google, you will get same result relevant result and somebody search the same thing as you search that person will get almost similar results. But Graph Search will show the unique results for every user which is only relevant to you only.

What can you search with Graph Search?

With Graph Search you are able to search everything on Facebook related to you like friends or anything by name, simple phrases to explore connection like my friend who has worked on NewTechArticles, explore your world through photos like photos of 2007, etc. Graph Search includes web search also.


You can also search restaurants, places to visit, schools, colleges etc. near by you through Graph Search. Even you are able to search the people of your interest and also that photos you have liked earlier. To learn more watch this video:


How your privacy works with Graph Search?

Through Graph Search you are able to search anything all over the world which is share to you. You might be thinking about you privacy that anyone can see your photos and status. But Graph Search will only search which has share to them. It is only public when you put its privacy to public. 



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