Gesture Glove Mouse: Control your PC with Hand Gestures


February 5, 2014Gadgets1 Comment

Well, Mouse is the one of the most important part of PC or laptop. But there are many drawbacks of mouse like, while watching movies if your screen is far from from you. And you want pause it or control its volume then, you have to get up and do that. Now, you must be thinking that I will use wireless mouse or keyboard. But for mouse you need a proper platform to move cursor and for keyboard you need a large space.

Now, think that you are controlling your PC with hand gestures and movements. Yes, you can do that. A new technology device is available in market named as Gesture Glove Mouse or Air Mouse Glove. Not only your computer, you can control your Android Devices with this new technology Gesture Glove mouse.

About Gesture Glove Mouse, features, price

New Technology Gesture Glove Mouse

A new technology Gesture Glove Mouse is created by Google. And it is only sell by Japan’s self-proclaimed rare thing shop ThankoIt is compatible with Windows, Mackintosh, and Android.  If you like wear gloves in your hand then, Gesture Glove Mouse is perfectly made for you. After wearing this you feel like a Hero or Actor of Hollywood Sci-Fi movies. You will feel like you have some powers like super-hero with this new technology. 

Working of Gesture Glove Mouse

new technology, Gesture Glove Mouse working

Working of Gesture Glove Mouse is just like a simple mouse. In this new technology, movement of your hand will move the cursor. There is a device which is connected with your Index finger which has two buttons of right click and left click. You can click these button with your thumb. Gesture Glove Mouse is only available for right hand which is the major drawback of this new technology. Gesture Glove Mouse has USB charger which can charge this new technology. With charging of one hour you can use it for twelve hours. It has 10-15 meters range.

YouTube video on working of Gesture Glove Mouse:

Features and Price of Gesture Glove Mouse

  • 2.4 GHz wireless Interface
  • Compatible with  Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8; Android OS; MacOS X 10.5 and over.
  • Size and Weight: 200 x 110 x 50mm (7.9 x 4.3 x 2″) and 35 grams respectively.
  • Only Right Hand Glove is available.
  • Charged by USB.
  • Input Charging Time: One Hour.
  • Output Charging Time: Twelve Hours.
  • 10-15 meters range.
  • Price: Around USD $62



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    I am a southpaw which means I will have to wait for some time to try this beauty. Did you try it on? Was the material fit for a long time continual use?

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