How to Hack pre-recorded Instagram video?

Instagram video rendering  is sometimes a  real headache for Instagram users. Now, how to get rid of this problem ? how to hack Instagram video and post your Pre-recorded Instagram Video ? There are many programs made by individual programmers and by some companies that replaces the non -linear editing system (NLE).  This is quit messy but if you were to edit your video clip on a computer prior to loading it to Instagram then the chances are countless. You would end up creating more professional video clip.

Post Instagram Pre-recorded video

I am going to mention some very fascinating editing in just some simple steps. Your video clip would look exactly how you want it to be. You wont have to stuck in the vicious circle of Instagram marketing. But before we go further lets just make sure that your video –

  • Instagram video must be shorter than 15 second
  • Instagram video must be rendered in a square aspect ratio.
  • Instagram video must be saved on your smartphone or an available file sharing service like Drop Box.

Instagram video length tip

Keep your video short. It must not be longer than 15 secs. There are the chances that its sever would reject your post. A shorter video has lots of benefits. The viewers get trained to be entertained as well as informed as quickly as possible. If you want to put more info then use your bio to link to additional content as Instagram doesnt allow posts that carry links. 

There are two key things to think about when rendering your video to a square aspect ratio, canvas size and render settings. Depending on your editing program and source video, methods to change these may vary. Above all else the output has to be in a square aspect ratio.

Instagram video rendering options

Keep in mind to render the instagram video clip in a square aspect ratio. You don’t have to worry if you are using 100×100 or 1080×768 whatever….If you are rendering into square aspect ratio, Instagram will love to accept the clip.

Now, if you don’t even know how to render instagram video into square ratio then Help documentation is your friend.

Rendering instagram video clip

Now, as you have your rough draft is ready, edit it down to size and export the result. If you decide to work on a normal size canvas then just don’t forget to resize the output into square aspect ratio. When you are doing it then keep in mind to not to “stretch” to content to fit. This normally makes the image to skew and made it look horrible. Scale it to get back to the original aspect ratio. Just don’t forget to crop the video so that it could fit without getting stretched.

Save instagram video

Now as you are done with all your editing and rendering. All you need to do now is just “save” your instagram video. The best place to save your video would be your photo/video gallery. Or may be you can connect your smartphone to your computer and save it in the proper folder.

If you are not sure what you are doing then just e-mail it back to yourself as an “attachment” and then download it into the gallery. There are definitely other ways too to download files to your smartphone but what i am telling you is the most easy way.

Upload instagram video

Now go ahead and just upload your instagram video. Don’t forget to upload your instagram video through the option of “load via gallery”. Its because we have saved our file into the gallery.

Finish the loading process as usual by selecting our “new file” and you should be all set.

 Pre-Edit Instagram Videos?

If you are thinking “do i need to pre-edit Instagram Videos ? then the answer is -No, you don’t. Good thing about Instagram is that you can pause the video that you are recording.  You don’t have to capture the whole video in one go as Instagram allows you to delete the previous take  but you do have to string together perfect takes if you want to make a instagram video without editing.



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