How to play LAN games on wifi(WLAN)


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Many of the times, we rarely need to play LAN games like Need For Speed, Counter Strike and Age of Empires while sitting together with some friends in park or college. But, we didn’t know how to connect together computer to play LAN games without wire or on WLAN. Though, it was possible that time to set up a wireless network and play games, but it was too much completed. Lots of users requested us to develop a agent to create wireless lan to play games. And still too many people do not know how to connect two computer on WLAN and play LAN games. So, now you can play LAN games on WLAN on an ease.

need for speed wlan

Since, it is not possible here to explain individually about all LAN games to play on WLAN. So, I’m taking counter strike as an example and by this example you will come to know, how easy is to play other LAN Games on wifi or wireless LAN.

How to play Counter Strike 1.6 on WLAN or Wireless LAN

In order to play Counter Strike 1.6 on WLAN you and all your friends need to have a wireless or wi-fi network adapter. It  comes default with laptops or if you or any of your friend has a desktop PC then you need to purchase a USB wi-fi, it is not expensive.

In every LAN game, you need to create a server or host on one computer, while other plays as clients. Here, creating a host actually means creating a wireless network, a wifi-network.

waln launcher, wifi-hotspot, play lan games

How to create wireless network?

There are several ways to create a wireless network, here I suggest you 2 ways, one is complex, require some commands to enter while other one is easy as a click, do either of them.

Method 1(easy): Download our free WLAN Launcher (83 KB), no install required. Open it and click on start and you need not to do anything.

WLAN Launcher will manage other things automatically and its done, wireless network is created. Default network name is WLAN and default password is launcher


Method 2: If WLAN Launcher fails to work due to any reason, may be your .NET framework is not fine or corrupt or it might be possible that some of your files of operating system is corrupt.

Go to Search, Type cmd, right click on it and Run as Administrator. Now type following commands as they are:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=”WLAN” key=launcher
netsh wlan start hostednetwork

If all went well. Then reply will come as Hosted Network Started Successfully. And you are done.

How to create Counter Strike LAN Game Server

Step 1: Open your counter strike 1.6, click on NewGame and then choose map and number of players.

Step 2: Now click on Game Tab and type in the Hostname, My First WLAN 

counter strike game server

Step 3: Do whatever extra settings you want for your game and then click on start to start the game.

It done, counter strike LAN game server created.

counter strike firewall

You must check for the game firewall settings as shown in the image, as soon as it gets  prompted. Otherwise WLAN Counter Strike server will not work. You can also change the firewall settings from the control panel whenever you want.

How to connect other players on Wireless Lan (WLAN)

After creating the host or game server, go to your friends computer that has wifi enabled and working fine.

Step 1: Search for the network name WLAN, connect to it with password launcher 

Step 2: Now open counter strike in that computer click on Find Servers and then click on LAN tab and there you will find your host or lan game server, just click and connect to it.

counter strike wlan server

All Done, Enjoy Playing !!

So, isn’t that simple enough, indeed it is. Well, now you need do almost same for other LAN games also to paly them on wifi or wireless (WLAN).  But, be sure to check firewall settings both on host’s and client’s PC before making any connections.




21 Responses to “How to play LAN games on wifi(WLAN)”
  1. Utkarsh says:

    how much USB wifi costs?

    • Nirupam Nirupam says:

      Utkarsh, its ranges starts from 400 INR to 2000 INR. But, there is nothing to purchase an expensive one.. ’cause currently 150 M range (N) is available easily in market. And sooner or later new hardware of longer range has to come.
      You may need not to go for renowned vendor. Average costs for best one is 400 INR to 700 INR,,.Digisol, tplink are working well in this field. See here about one of them
      Price vary from 400 to 700 according to the bandwidth and range.

  2. Rakesh says:

    how to play COunter Strike in LAN and wireless lan at the same time?

    i hav a desktop and my friends playing counter strike in their laptops using wireless LAN.

    A laptop(server for counter strike) has LAN connection also…can i connect my desktop using ethernet cable to that laptop and play at with them…?

    pls help me do it…

    thnx in advance….

  3. tazz says:

    hey buddy i usually use adhoc but when we play 4+ it lags severly ? does this method overcoe that ?>

  4. Darkriff says:

    Can this method will work on the other lan games like dota, nfs and the others that using lan ???

  5. SpookDroid says:

    Hey cool web-site! Dude. Fantastic. Excellent. I’m going to save your internet site and also make bottles likewise? Now i am content to locate numerous practical facts in this article in the put up, we would like acquire added strategies in this connection, thanks for discussing.

  6. Dev tyagi says:

    Hey, i just want to know that what is the range limit of wlan.
    Because ad-hoc range is only about 30 feet

    • Nirupam Nirupam says:

      Hi Dev,
      It all depends on your Wifi Radio.
      There are three radio types: b, n, g.
      Wlan Launcher will create the wifi channel of maximum range i.e radio type: n.
      Practically, In my Home, wlan launcher gives me a range of 100 feets horizontally, throughout the rooms

      • Jake says:

        How many people can this wireless LAN network generally host without significant lag? I want to have 9 or 10 people over to play day of defeat source on my home network.

        • Nirupam Nirupam says:

          Hi Jake,
          It depends on the speed of your wifi radio. It is designed to support the maximum speed out of any wifi radio with 802.16 IEEE wireless standards, giving you 52 MBPS speed and connecting 32 clients.

          Most probably it will work fine with 9-10 clients for a LAN game.

  7. hatter says:

    hey bro.i have a question.

    why when i turn on the WLAN Launcher and at the same time i open counter strike 1.6…suddenly my computer say that word “Half-LIfe Launcher has stopped working”…but when i turn of the Wlan launcher…i don’t face same problem..can u help me

  8. Ivan Gore says:

    Hi Nirupam,

    I need help starting the WLAN Launcher, I tried to click on start but nothing happens. When I try to close the WLAN Launcher I get an error that says System core files are missing. Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until a window handle has been created.

    please help! I love this software, my friend use it and I try to connect with him using this software but I’m not able to create my own. Nothing happens when I click on start. I have 4.5 Net Framework though. Hope for your response

  9. Wong Deck Shon says:

    Hi Nirupam,

    I’m supposed i need your help. Currently my window is 8.1 and i was able to start the Wlan launcher program right after i have downloaded. After several days passed, I am unable to start the program anymore. Because System appear “Error, system core files are missing.”, after clicked “ok”, then it say “system core files are missing. invoke or beginInvoke cannot be called on a control until window handle has been created.”

    Please help me to solve Mr Nirupam T_T

  10. Delta says:

    can i increase the number of clients to 20..
    if so how…..?
    presently its allowing only 10 clients
    so its difficult to counter strike 1.6

  11. Vastav says:


    My question is that is it essential To install wlan launcher in my friends laptop too??
    If so IP ADDRESS in that laptop should be automatic ???
    And what about my laptop(host) address ?
    I have confusion regarding IP address configuration
    So please clarify it ‘
    Thanks in advance

    • Nirupam Nirupam says:

      Dear Vastav,

      You need to run WLAN Launcher in only one laptop and it will create a network for you automatically and displays the IP address of itself(host).
      Just connect the clients to the WI-FI created by WLAN Launcher.

      Clients will automatically get assigned an IP Address if you are using Windows 7 or later versions.

  12. sharon says:

    am not able to download wlan launcher can you help me out

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