How to block ads in Android apps, remove advertisements

android remove, block ads in androidLooking for how to remove or completely block ads in android apps? Well, ads are the most irritating stuff while using any Android apps, playing games or surfing internet on any browsers. Don’t worry today, we’ll learn how to remove or block ads in android apps. You can think that what is the need of ads but let me tell you that ads are the necessary evil. Well, you definitely use the free android apps, games or browsers which are at the top level or most usable stuff but have you ever think are they free or what are the source of earning for their developers? These ads are the major source of their earnings.

But still these ads are very annoying specially when you get ads when you have a slow internet connection or if you want to open something else and advertisement get open. You don’t need to get irritate any more. Given below are the two best ways to remove ads or block ads in android apps, games or browsers.

1. Block Ads in android using “HOST FILE”

Well, This method does not require to install any kind of softwares to remove ads . This method remove all kind of ads or block ads in Android Apps , games and browsers. But it requires the rooting in your device. In this method you only need to change settings of host file. There are certain steps for it which are discussed below. But before that we must have the knowledge HOST FILE. So, lets start with the brief knowledge of Host File.

What is HOST FILE?

Host File is a kind of address book which map host names (like to its IP addressHost File is a plain text file in your operating system. It is used to assists in addressing network nodes in a computer network

.host file sample, block ads in android

What setting should be change to Block Ads in android?

Given below are the steps to change the settings in the Hist File:-

  1. Open MVPS (or or on your browser on your computer. Save the plain text file as the name hosts in your computer.
  2. Transfer hosts file in your Android Device.
  3. Open File manager in your Android device and copy the hosts file to /etc or/system/etc. This may require to allow super user permissions.
  4. Rename the original hosts file to a .txt or .bak extension. Paste the saved hosts file here. Reboot your Android and your Android is now ad-free.

host file, how to block ads in android

These are the four easy steps to block ads in android apps, games and browsers by using HOST FILE.

2. Block Ads in android using  Adblock Plus (ABP)Adblock-plus-logo

Adblock Plus is the free and very popular application used to block Ads in android. You can use Adblock Plus for both rooted or non-rooted devices. As android is a open source so you find many apps to remove ads. But Adblock Plus and Adway are the two best apps to remove ads.

Tip:- Rooting is required in Adway application. So, it is better to use Adblock Plus as it works for both rooted or non-rooted devices.

How does Adblock Plus works?

Adblock Plus basically is a smart filter between your device and website or internet. It not only block ads in android but also have some other features like it blocks Malwares, Tracking etc.. These features we will discuss below. As I said earlier Adblock Plus is a smart filter that’s why it is a most popular browser extension. Adblock Plus provides you to create your own list that you want to block or you don’t want to block.

how adblock plus works, remove ads in android

How to use Adblock Plus?

Well, Adblock Plus is not available at Android Market and Google Play Store. You need to download it from its official Website:

You can download it and install it. Before installing you must enables the option to allow application from Unknown Source. For Android users you need to install it by using its .abk file: adblockplusandroid-version.apk. After this you need to configure the Adblock Plus.

How to configure Adblock Plus?

For Rooted Devices:- The only thing you need to do is that install it with super user permissions. And it is ready to use.

For Non-Rooted Devices:- In non-rooted devices you need to follow some more steps which you can get on the link given below:

Adblock Plus Configure, block ads in android apps

Here are the best ways to remove annoying or irritating ads while using Android Apps, playing games and surfing internet on browsers.





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