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windows 8.1 new features,  How Windows 8.1 is different from Windows 8

The best windows 8.1 new features make your operating system more faster and user friendly. The new update of windows 8 is Windows 8.1. Windows 8 is the latest operating system of Microsoft which was released in August 2012. Windows 8 gives a new experience of working on Personal Computers and Mobiles Phones with its new graphical user interface.

Microsoft provides lots of new features in Windows 8 but still they need to give its update version Windows 8.1 just after one year in August 2013.   The best windows 8.1 new features make your operating system more faster and user friendly. Now, you must be thinking that what are the windows 8.1 new features? or How windows 8.1 different from Windows  8? or What is the need to give the update in just one year? Here, you will get the all answers of your all questions.Given below are the windows 8.1 new features.

Windows 8.1 New Features: Home Screen

Customize Home Screen Background

With windows 8.1 new features, you can customize Home Screen background in much better way. Windows 8 also have the feature to customize the Home Screen which includes the option to change the color and design of background. But with Windows 8.1 new features, you can change the background just like Desktop.

To change or personalize color and design- Go to Home Screen then on Settings. Now click on Personalize to change color and design of background.

personalize home screen background

To change Home Screen background like desktop– Go to the properties of the taskbar and check the option Show my Desktop background on Start in Navigation.

show desktop background on start

Customize Home Screen Tiles

With Windows 8.1 new features, it also provides you to customize the Home screen tile. You can change the Size of the tiles. One more windows 8.1 new feature is that you are able to group the tiles on home screen according to you. And name that group whatever you want.

change tiles size grouping of tiles

 App View of Home Screen

Another incredible Windows 8.1 new features, is added in Home scree is that you can watch it in App view. And you can also sort the app view according to your choice.

app view home screen, windows 8.1 new features


Windows 8.1 New Features: Lock Screen

Customize Lock Screen Slideshow

In windows 8, there are only 4-5 pictures which you can use for lock screen. But with Windows 8.1 new features, you are able to change the Lock Screen Picture whatever you want. You can also make Slideshow on Lock Screen of certain images.

To change Lock screen pictures- Go to PC settings – then Go to PC and Devices – then On Lock Screen. Then click on Browse and select the folder which you want to add to slide show.

slideshow on lock screen,  How Windows 8.1 different from Windows 8

Skype and Camera Apps on the Lock Screen

In Windows 8.1, With this feature you can directly use the camera from Lock Screen. And you also use Skype from Lock Screen and answer the Skype calls and messaging directly from here. You can also add some apps on Lock screen.

add apps lock screen ,use camera app 

Windows 8.1 New Features: Desktop

Start Button on Taskbar with Options

With this new update of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 new features has given start button on the bottom left of the desktop just like as earlier versions of windows. But this start button has some options when you right click on it.

start button options windows 8.1

Move Straight To Desktop

With this feature of Windows 8.1, You can directly go to desktop after log in to your account. Means you will now see Home screen after log in to your account. To apply this setting – Go to Properties of taskbar and check on “When I sign in or close all app on screen, go to the desktop instead of start ” in Navigation.

move direct to desktop instead of start

Multiple Windows option

This was the one of the best feature of Windows 8. In this Feature you can use many apps at a same time, one same screen. But in Windows 8.1, this feature is more customize. You can change the size of the app on desktop. You can easily place any app anywhere by simple dragging.

To Get this settings, Open the app, Go to Left top corner of the desktop and right click on it. After click Insert Left or Insert Right as per your choice.

Multiple windows option

Windows 8.1 New Features: Related Apps

Automatic Configure Updates of App

Windows 8.1 new features, provide the automatic configure update of an app by default. In windows 8, it doesn’t have this option. But you can change the settings by simply go windows store and change its settings. You can Enable or disable the option to automatically update apps.

automatic app updates, windows 8.1 new features

Prevent Apps From Running In The Background

In windows 8, When you drag to Home Screen then it will close the app. But with Windows 8.1 new features, it will only disappear the app. Means, Apps are still running in background.

To close the app drag the app to the bottom of the screen. And app will close.

Prevent Apps from Running in Background


Discover The App Bars

This is an another feature added to Windows 8.1. In this feature while working on any app, right click anywhere on screen and App bar will appear. It contains the all options related app in the App bar.

new feature of window 8.1 app bar

New apps in Windows 8.1

In windows 8.1, there are many useful apps which are already installed. Given below are the list of new apps added to windows 8.1 installation package.

Help And Tips App

Well, this app is for all new user. Windows 8.1 new features has also provided this for you to know more about features of Windows 8.1. By the guidance of Help and Tips app you can learn everything. You will find the tile of app in start screen. Run it and take help.

help and tips app, windows 8.1 new features

SkyDrive- Smart files

This is a one more amazing feature in Windows 8.1. With the use of SkyDrive, you make backup of your data automatically. If you enable this app feature, then your file save at two place one is at your computer or hard disk and another will save in SkyDrive. This app will protect your data if something happen wrong to your computer. To learn more about SkyDrive click here.

SkyDrive, windows 8.1 new features


As Skype is a very known app for video calling. With windows 8.1 new features, you don’t need to install Skype. Because you will get this app with the installation package of windows 8.1. You can also receive voice calls and video calls directly on Lock Screen. as mentioned earlier. Click Here to learn more about Skype.

 Skype, windows 8.1 new features

Internet Explorer 11 Reading View

Another incredible app of Windows 8.1 is latest version of Internet Explorer. The main feature of Internet Explorer 11 is its Reading View.  In reading view you can read the any article without ads. It faster, safer and oldest Internet browser.

Note:- IE11 reading view do not works in desktop version of Windows 8.1.

 Internet explore 11 reading view

Food and Drink App

According to me this is the beat app of windows 8.1. It doesn’t matter how much bad cook you are. But with help of this app you can learn cooking and you can be a better cook. The best feature of the app is that it will detect your hands move with the help of Webcam by setting it to Hands Free mode. And help you to make good food.

Food and drink app, windows 8.1 new features

Windows 8.1 New Features: PC Settings

Customize Privacy Option

With this incredible Feature of Windows 8.1, you can change your privacy and make it more better. You can allow or block apps to use your personal information. To change these settings – Go to PC settings and then to Privacy.


make better privacy setting

Re-size Each Screen Separately

Windows 8.1 new features, allow you to change the scale or size of every screen. Earlier you was only able change icons and fonts for all computer. But now you can change easily scale of each screen independently. You can manage the size of icons and fonts separately each screen.  To change these settings just go to Screen resolution settings.

scale each screen independently

Customize Quiet Hours

This was a new feature in windows 8. But with windows 8.1 new features, it has come with little-bit changes like you can manage the pop-ups of notifications. You can turn off these notifications for a period of time. Go to Search and Apps option in PC settings to change the settings of Quiet Hours.

customize quiet hours

Some other Windows 8.1 New Features

3D Printing Support

Well, this is new feature in all operating system. It is firstly introduced in Windows 8.1. With this app you can print 3D view of an object with help of 3D Systems Cube 2 3D Printer connected to Windows 8.1. Click Here to know more about 3D printing.

3D Systems Cube 2 3D Printer connected to Windows 8.1

Use your account from everywhere

Another useful feature among all windows 8.1 new features. You use your account from anywhere by simple log in to Microsoft account. You can get the same settings as you have setup earlier in any device. You have your own desktop in others device.

login from anywhere


New Keyboard Shortcuts

There are many shortcuts which have been added in Windows 8.1. Everyone needs a shortcut in life. While working on computer its hard to move your hand towards mouse, close or minimize the window and open other stuff. Given below are the list of new Keyboard shortcuts of Windows 8.1.

Keyboard Shortcuts Action Take Place
Start Button‌  + start typing Search into your PC
Ctrl + plus (+) or Ctrl + minus (-) Zoom in or Zoom out of a large number of items, like apps pinned to the Start screen
Ctrl + scroll wheel Zoom in or Zoom out of a large number of items, like apps pinned to the Start screen
Start Button‌  + C Open the charms
Start Button‌  + F Open the Search charm to search files
Start Button‌  + H Open the Share charm
Start Button‌  + I Open the Settings charm
Start Button‌  + K Open the Devices charm
Start Button‌  + O Lock the screen orientation (portrait or landscape)
Start Button‌  + Q Open the Search charm to search everywhere or within an open app (if the app supports app search)
Start Button  + S Open the Search charm to search Windows and the web
Start Button‌  + W Open the Search charm to search settings
Start Button‌  + Z Show the commands available in the app
Start Button‌  +spacebar Switch input language and keyboard layout
Start Button‌  +Ctrl + spacebar Change to a previously selected input
Start Button‌  + Tab Cycle through recently used apps (except desktop apps)
Start Button‌  + Ctrl + Tab Cycle through recently used apps (except desktop apps)
Start Button‌  + Shift + Tab Cycle through recently used apps (except desktop apps) in reverse order
Start Button‌  + Shift + period (.) Snaps an app to the left
Start Button‌  + period (.) Cycle through open apps
Esc Stop or exit the current task



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