Lernstift – New Technology Pen that vibrates on spelling mistake

Lernstift, a new technology pen invented which will makes your handwriting and English better. This new technology pen is invented by two fathers to decrease the spelling mistake of their children. This new technology pen is a new type of invention of this century. This pen detects the motion during writing and checks the spellings. And even it detects the handwriting.

As new technology is developing, hence the inventions. New intelligence based inventions are made day by day. In this sequence a new invention is done. This invention is of a pen,Lernstift, which will helps you to decrease spelling mistake and improve your handwriting. This pen will vibrate everytime there is a spelling mistake. And even suggest about your handwriting.

Working of this amazing pen, Lernstift

Vibrate on spelling mistake

Lernstift – New technology pen like teacher and parents.

In school and at home, our teachers and parents help us to improve grammar and spellings. They teach us how to write, what to write. They hold our hand and show us how to write. Everytime we make a mistake in grammar or spell, they correct us. They keep regular watch over over best vocabulary.

Lernstift, a pen like teacher and parents

Lernstift, a pen like teacher and parents

This new technology pen, Lernstift, is something similar to those our guiders. Its new technology detects what we are writing, and how we are writing. Lernstift vibrates whenever there is a spelling mistake. It monitors our every word we write and even our writing also.

Working of new technology pen – Lernstift

Lernstift pen has an amazing working for detection. This new technology pen has motion sensor as like our mobiles which keeps on detecting all the words we write and our writing. Lernstift’s new technology detects in which motion the user is writing and how the user is writing. As the motion sensor while detecting the writing, sends report simultaneously to the mini-computer inside.

The mini-computer detects whether the written word is write is right or not. Whenever the word is having grammatical or writing mistake, it vibrates. This vibration is to tell the user that there is something wrong you have written.

Lernstift pen works in two modes

1. Calligraphy mode

2. Orthography mode

1. Calligraphy mode – In Calligraphy mode, the pen detects every letter we have written. Pen will vibrate one time whenever there is a wrong word is written. Or it will vibrate whenever word is written illegibly.

Lernstift, Calligraphy mode

Vibrates on a letter mistake

2. Orthography mode – in Orthography mode, Lernstift detects the spelling of the words written by user. Every time when there is a spelling mistake, pen will vibrate once.  But when there is grammatical mistake the pen will vibrate twice.

Lernstift, Orthography mode

Vibrates twice on spell mistake

New Technology Inside Lernstift

Lernstift, technology Inside

Indside technology

Mini-computer in Lernsitft

The computer inside Lernstift, has open platform of Linux. Linux is embedded in Lernstift same as like smartphone. And only important things are embedded in it. No GSM module, no screen only the Linux chip as a backbone attached to it. The pen has a board which has motion sensor, processor, WiFi, and vibration module.

Lernstift, mini computer

Processor, vibration and WiFi module, motion sensor

Lernstift’s motion sensor

Lernstift has an non-optical motion sensor just above the nib of pen. Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor and Magnetometer technology are used for best sensing. These sensors calculate the 3D movements of the pen. Then the calculated movements are generated into 2D vectors.

Lernstift, motion sensor

3d motion calculated to 2d vector

These sensors generate a 400 dpi at 200 Hz resolution. But Handwriting recognition only require its half resolution. Hence Lernstift  pen has a very good sensor power.

What extra features?

Lernstift does not only limit upto detecting the spelling and handwriting. It has many other uses.

Real time connection

Lernstift helps you to have a real time connection of pen and other devices. These devices may be smartphone, tablet or PC.You can see what pen is writing on you device simultaneously.

Lernstift, Real time connection

Lernstift, Real time connection


As it can be connected, hence it can be used for monitoring. In school, teacher can monitor what students are writing by connecting all them to a single device.

Lernstift, Monitoring

Lernstift, Monitoring

Lernstift can write on air

Lernstift  is the only first digital pen which can write in air also. You can connect the pen to any device, and even use as external writer. You can just write in air and it can write the words in the device. Just same like touchscreen keys or light pen.

Lernstift, write on air

Lernstift, write on air

Document creation

You can make documents using Lernstift. As this pen can write in air, you can write the words in air and that document is creating in device.

Lernstift, Document creation

Lernstift, Document creation

The Lernstift Team?

Lernstift  has core team of two fathers. They designed to lessen the mistakes of their children. They were Falk Wolsky, as founder, and Daniel Kaesmacher as co-founder. Other staff members who are included in this project are.


Lernstift, the team, Peter Hüwe, Michael Fiegert

Lernstift, the team, Michael Fiegert amd Peter Hüwe,

Peter Hüwe as Head of Embedded Linux Development

Michael Fiegert as Head of Sensor Development

Ravi Raj as Sensor Developer

Thomas Hüttenhofer as Embedded Linux Developer

Adham Badr as Mobile App Developer

Alex Hanke as Quality Assurance

Jessica White as Project Management, PR

Aunes Jane as PR

More about Lernstift

Lernstift  is available in three types, Pencil, Fountain and ball point. And even pen can be refilled. And This pen is available in different colors according to gender they want.

Lernstift, more about lernstift

Available in three different types

lernstift, different genders

Lernstift,in different colors according gender


Lernstift is available in two languages only, German and English. But according to need it can be available in different languages.

Official Website
in English
in German



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