NAV Hummingbird – A Spy Bird


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In this new technology of advancement, every country wants to make its security the best. They try to invent advance weapons, something better than others. Some try to make stealth drones, nav (nano air vehicles), to keep others under surveillance. And every year we heard about a new drone or nav. And each has a better feature than other, and can provide more stealth than others. In this list there is a new nav, NAV(Nano Air Vehicle) Hummingbird. NAV Hummingbird just like a normal bird, but for surveillance.

NAV Hummingbird, spy bird for surveillance

NAV Hummingbird, spy bird for surveillance

NAV Hummingbird, not an actual bird. With some cameras or some gadgets. It is a NAV, a nano air vehicle categorized under UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicles). Built of approx same size, but lighter in weight. Fully remote controlled and highly for stealth. Used anywhere, controlled everywhere.

But, what is nano air vehicle. NAV or nano air vehicle are the small aerial vehicles. And which are mainly used for stealth purpose. They small enough to drive into another territory, without any surveillance. And now a days, each country wants to invent their most stealth UAV.

NAV Hummingbird size comparison, Nano Air Vehicle

NAV size comparison

This, NAV Hummingbird, is a spy bird project sponsored under DARPA (Defense Advance Research Project Agency), developed by AeroVironment. This project is listed under the best 50 inventions of 2011 by TIME Magazine. And this NAV Hummingbird is also known as Nano Hummingbird, as it is same like those small hummingbirds.

DARPA with NAV Hummingbird Project

DARPA, Advance development, NAV Hummingbird project

DARPA, Advance development, NAV Hummingbird project

DARPA, Defense Advance Research Project Agency, an agency which is by United States of Defense, for all types of advance research technologies.  This agency is use by military, which funds all the projects that will effect the world and computer technologies.

DARPA was started as ARPA (Advance Research Project Agency), in 1958 by Dwight D. Eisenhower. And was started to meet advance military requirements using science and technology and executing researches.

Who is AeroVironment?

AeroVironment, an company which has headquarters in Monrovia and California in USA. A technology company which has involvement in UAV’s, electric and energy systems. A company from 1971, founded by a designer of human powered aircraft, Paul B. MacCready. This company works under DARPA and is popular known for lightweight and solar powered vehicles.

AeroVironment, Nav Hummingbird prduction

AeroVironment, Nav Hummingbird prduction

This company is under a 5 year indefinite- quantity and indefinite-delivery contract of $4.7 million And this contract is from U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, for new technology advancement of aircraft. And this company is really a good for advancement, as it can be seen from the list of vehicles developed by it.

And even many more, which are made for technology, and for more advancement in aerial vehicles.

About NAV Hummingbird – Nano Air Vehicle

Now about this spy bird, Nav Hummingbird, looks like original Hummingbird. Its a nano air vehicle or unnamed aerial vehicle, made by AeroVironment sponsered by DARPA. A original looking like, but spy NAV Hummingbird. Made for reconnaissance and surveillance purposes. Designed with small video camera, and so small that can be placed in pocket. And can be controlled by remote upto a range.

NAV Hummingbird, a spy bird, Nano Air Vehicle

This is a five year’s project, based on new technology of bio-mimicry.Bio-mimicry, a method to build a machine or something with the help of nature. As this spy bird, NAV(Nano Air Vehicle) Hummingbird, is inspired by the original hummingbird, of nature. Hence, practically bio-mimicry is now used in technology, for new inventions.

Specifications of Nano Air Vehicle(NAV) Hummingbird

This NAV Hummingbird, is not only popular because of its size. There are many reasons another than size. Making NAV Hummingbird popular

  • Basically, its small in size, it cannot be traced easily.
  • NAV Hummingbird weights around 19 gram, less than a AA battery.
  • This spy bird can fly with a speed of 11 miles per hour (18 km/h).
  • Nav Hummingbird can fly in in all three axes, and in every manner.
  • It can fly from right to left or left to right, up to bottom or bottom to up.
  • It can hover in air at any place.
  • NAV Hummingbird can turn clockwise, or counter-clockwise while flying.
  • Its wingspan is of 6.3 inches (160 mm).

Testing and Results, of spy bird

NAV hummingbird, Nano Air Vehicle

NAV hummingbird, Nano Air Vehicle

Various testings were done on this NAV(Nano Air Vehicle) Hummingbird. And there are many results which were got by those examiners.

Stability – NAV Hummingbird can handle the wind gust of five miles/hr. Means it can easily fly in opposite direction to air, until speed of air is five miles per hour.

Flying – In a demonstration, NAV Hummingbird can fly from outside to inside and vice verse. And can pass through a normal door gateway.

Axis Flying – In a demonstration, it was seen that it can fly in any direction. Using remote we can fly it from any direction, in any direction, Upside, down, left, right, toggling the places, anywhere.

Remote Controlling This NAV Hummingbird, can be controlled by remote. Even the user can control by just watching from the video. The operator is able to operate this spy bird, by watching through live video.

Battery Life – NAV Hummingbird can fly upto 11 minutes of maximum, but more advancement are in process. So that it can be used for more time period.

As this NAV Hummingbird is first of its kind. And scientists are saying that this is just a prototype. As this was just made to check whether they can make something like this or not. Now inspiring from this, they will try to make more advanced UAV and NAV. But, for today, it is known as in best inventions.



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