NETRA – You will be under surveillance by Indian Internet Spy System

As now a days cyber crime or threats are increasing day by day so, India is going to launch its own Internet spy system- NETRA. It is capable of detecting mala fide messages. You will be in surveillance of security agencies, if you the words like bomb, terrorist, kill, attack etc. in your emails, status updates, blogging etc.. It can be harmful for you.

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What is NETRA – NEtwork TRaffic Analysis

NETRA (NEtwork TRaffic Analysis) is a first software developed by India to spy internet network. NETRA is a Hindi word which means Eyes. It is developed by  Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR), a Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) laboratory. NETRA will be used by various security agencies like  Intelligence Bureau, India’s domestic intelligence agency, and the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), the country’s external intelligence agency to intercept and analyse internet traffic using pre-defined filters.

NETRA has designed by DRDO’s scientist Dr. G. Athithan and his team comprising of scientist of Indian Institute of Science G.Ravindra and Rahul M. Kharge. The team of 40 members was awarded ‘Agni award for excellence in self-reliance 2008‘ for developing NETRA.

The Home Ministry is giving final touch to Netra and soon it will launch. A Home Ministry note on NETRA also said that it can be  considered for providing multiple user access to security agencies. They are also giving a strategy on how to deal with computer security incidents, track system vulnerabilities and promote effective IT security practices across the country.

Why did Indian government choose NETRA?

Due to the rapidly increasing threat posed by terrorist and criminal elements using data communication, many security agencies were looking make  a system that could monitor Internet traffic on a real time basis. It had brought service providers like BlackBerry, Skype and Gmail into the focus of law enforcement agencies.

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An inter-ministerial committee staffed by members from Ministry of Home Affairs, Intelligence Bureau, Department of Telecom, Department of IT, and National Investigation Agency select this design by DRDO out of two design submitted by DRDO’s Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, and the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO).

Netra was preferred over NTRO’s design because it had mutiple issues with NTRO’s design. As the NTRO’s system was designed by Paladion, which is private company. So, it had serious security issue of involvement of a private company in such kind of sensitive project and they also had a doubt on NTRO’s ability to operate it properly. Where else NETRA has designed by a team of 40 members of CAIR and do not have any kind of involvement of any outside private company and have an indigenous solution involving government scientists and personnel. And also, the agency Intelligence Bureau was happy with the performance of Netra after testing. That’s why NETRA is preferred over NTRO’ system.

What will NETRA do?

NETRA has capability to spy the words like kill, blast, terrorist, attack etc. in your emails, status updates, tweets, internet calls, blog, instant messaging transcripts, etc. Not only that it is also able to spy images and voice calls through Skype and Google talk by desired intelligence. The whole work is divided into three security agencies including IB and RAW. All three of them allotted maximum of 300 GB  stirage for storing intercepted internet traffic and extra 100 GB is given to the remaining law enforcement agencies.

When NETRA will be launched?

Well, NETRA is about to launch but the date is not fixed. Most probably NETRA will be in action from  January 2014.

Well, Hoping NETRA will play a important role to build high security in India. And help to prevent increasing cyber crime these days.




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