Photo Comment – new feature of Facebook

Photo comment new feature added by Facebook, as with increase in popularity of Facebook. Facebook wants to attract the users towards itself so that people can express there feelings in the way they want. And can communicate with the rest of the world as a friend.

Facebook Communicates

Facebook helps in communication to the whole world

As everyone wants to express there comments in the most attractive way. And to express our thoughts words are not enough. Images are a better medium of exchange of thoughts. Hence Facebook used this medium also to enhance the comments.

Starting with enhancement

Facebook has started the sequence of advance features in comment box from very earlier. Previously Facebook has started the tag facility in comment box. People can tag either friends, pages, groups and many others.

Starting with enhancement-tag friends

You can tag people or pages in comment box

Then Facebook has given the users option to edit the comment that they have given. This option was also used by almost every user.

Starting with enhancement-edit comments

You can also edit and delete the comments

And also then Facebook was worried as people give links in comment box. And they can be also spam. Which was decreasing trust of users, then Facebook launched this new feature.

Photo comment

This feature is recently added, in which people can even comment form photos. This way of interaction is been slowly liked by every user. This feature has provided a new way of interaction between the users. People are now more giving there interest.

Photo comment - preview

You can give a photo review comment

Photo comment - photo

You can comment directly photo without link










This feature is so much famous that some people just comment using photo comment. And others are also enjoying this feature. People are getting attracted by new features of Facebook day by day. And are appreciating the new feature of Facebook.

What is Photo Comment and how to do it?

Photo comment is nothing just giving a comment in form of photo which express your thoughts. This feature is recently added by Facebook for users who want to communicate in the most expressive way they want. As like we comment in comment box, in photo comment, user is commenting in the same box, including with photo.

Photo comment done by link

you can provide a link for commetns to preview

There is nothing extra for a photo comment. You just have to give the link of the photo you want a photo comment. Then the link will show the preview of the photo. If you do not want to show the preview of the comment, you can click on ‘Remove Preview’. By this you can hide the preview of the link.

Photo comment done by image

You can directly take a photo a give it into comment

Another method is now to be come. In this method Facebook is going to give a option ‘take photo‘. Through which you can choose or take a photo and add it to your comments.

What extra, in facebook photo comments?

This is not just a photo comment. You can also comment a video by the same way. The Facebook has provided this feature in such a way that this is not only for photo. You can also post any video or webpage, anything.

How facebook photo comments works?

This feature is made in such a way that when we comment any link, it will show a preview. This feature requires a link of the thing you want to comment. Either page, video or photo, you just have to paste the link of the object. Then the script in the comment box will fetch the content of the link and then provide a preview of link.

And the second method of photo comment, by taking photo. In it the photo you have taken is firstly saved in your albums and then that link is given in your comment box. And then the script will show only the image of the link. Which is quite better than the preview feature.

Why this feature is provided by Facebook

There is not only one reason of providing this feature by Facebook. There are many reasons, because of Facebook has started this.

1. Prevent Spam

Previously when this feature was not available, people just paste a link of anything. The link may be of spam, even for hacking. And there is not anything or warning of that link. So many people got trapped in that.

But after this photo comment feature, preview of the link is shown hence, the user can see either this is a valid on invalid link. Hence there is a prevent of spam through links, an it is now secure in this way also.

2. Make interaction better

Facebook has also launched this feature to make the interaction between the friends or the user in much better way. As through this photo comment feature people can interact in a new way which helps to express the feelings in a better way.

This feature not only just show what you want to say, but also in what expression you want to say. As you can say ‘Hello’ either in simple manner or in excitement, then words are not enough. At that time we can post the photo of the expression.

3. Rich content

This feature also helps in providing a rich content. As a user can comment not only photo, user can also post a video link of webpage link. This will provide a rich content, as people can share link in a new manner.

Videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo and Hulu, can also be posted. This helps in sharing the valuable information to some particular persons very easily without using messages.

Photo comment is not available to all of us. Facebook has just updated this facility to some selected areas. Slowly it is spreading to whole world and then it can be available to everyone. But we have to wait till this feature is available to every country and every user.



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