Top 5 Third Person Shooting Games


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In this computer game world, every one who plays games on computer wants a good game to play. Some loves first person games, some third person games. Mostly in games action and shooting games are played. Every gamer who search for the top 5 first person games. Always search for top 5 third person shooting games. As only feeling of first person game is not enough in action games.

Third person games, shooting games

Top 5 third person game to be played

Many films are based on novels, autobiography, real stories. But very few are based on games. And those games are mostly from top 5 third person shooting games. Popularity of those games force film industry to make movies on them. And those movies are also liked by them. Now there are top 5 third person shooting games you will like the most.

Gears of Wars : game not for PC

This, Gears of Wars game is very much popular, and even it is not for PC. A game which is known by almost every shooting game player. And have 3 parts released, but even not a single for PC. This game is popular even without been launched for PC. And also played by every PlayStation player.

gears of war, third person shooting games

Game not for PC, but still played.

This game has its own quality of graphics. And its story is also liked by every player. This game always get a good response from IGN and users. Its multiplayer feature is also making it so much popular. It multiplayer feature is the main reason that gamers play it in group. And making it in top 5 third person shooting games.

Red Dead Redemption (2010) : action as cowboy

Red Dead, an open world game, which has a team and multi level games. This game is popular because this game is not only open world game. But also it has dressing setup of cowboy. You have a horse, dress like a cow boy, and map of dessert & grassy land. This game gives you a full experience of that environment.

red dead detemption, top 5 shooting games

A cow boy theme of open world game

This game also provide you multiplayer feature. You can even make a team of max 16 players. Making a team and playing in this map. Provides an ultimate feeling while playing. This game has its own graphics and gaming quality, making it top 5 third person shooting games.

GTA 5 : always in top 5 third person shooting games

GTA, Grand Theft Auto, a game known by atleast everyone. Everyone who has played open world games known and played this game as well. A game which is known for its city environment. And a story like game concept, is really different. You have the town, you have missions, just play in the way you want.

gta V, top 5  shooting game

A third person game still played at large by gamers

This mission is in the top 5 third person shooting games, as its uniqueness. Uniqueness of environment, and reality. Even its cheat codes are found very easily. And this open world game is really liked. This is also multiplayer feature, for this game. And hence it is played by most. And this game is shortly to be released for PC.

Mass Effect : effect of galaxy in open world

Mass Effect, a game which is only known by the gamers who played it. A open world game, with missions, is really a game to play. This game brings you the different epics of universe and galaxies. You have to play and find the missions. Find secrets, explore story, move around universe.

mass effect 3, multiplayer games

Best played game with galaxy environment

This game provides you an ultimate of universe and galaxies. As related to players, it also provide multiplayer feature. Cast yourself according to your choice. Play with your friends and destroy the enemies with your capabilities. A game of top 5 third person shooting game to be played.

Max Payne 3 – game of its own manner

Max Payne, a game which has been played by most of the action gamers. This game is a story based and upto some level open world game. A game story running from the start still continues here. After death of Mona, Max resigns and continue his life. Then what are the things which made his life again in action.

Max Payne, multiplayer games

Max Payne is back in action with its gun

This game is really a game to play, as it fully gives you real detective like missions. This game also gives multiplayer feature, and in different manner. Make team and play the missions, win and retreat. Play self in this top 5 third person shooting game, and feel the experience.



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