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In this technology world of touch screen, now everything in becoming touchscreen. And this series there is new technology  button less, touchscreen keyboard. Cool Leaf Keyboard, is such a new keyboard, which provides touch experience. Japanese MNC, Minebea, is the company who developed it. And this keyboard is a keyboard in demand by every gadget lover.

Cool Leaf Keyboard, touchscreen keyboard

New Technology in keyboards-Touchscreen keyboards

As I was working on computer while eating. Suddenly glass water slides, and luckily it does not fall on my keyboard. But what about others, who face such situation many times. Who lost their keyboards because of something falls on it. Then while surfing I found about this button less, touchscreen keyboard.

New Technology in Cool Leaf Keyboard

There is not any special technology in this touch screen keyboard. As like other touchscreen devices, it has been made. This new technology button less keyboard just has a glass on the above. And the keys are shown when it is connected. As we touch a key, it send signal of that key to PC.

touchscreen keyboard off, Cool Leaf Keyboard

Touchscreen keyboard look while turn off

New Technology Cool Leaf Keyboard has a shiny glass on front. While off it gives an reflecting mirror look. Cool Leaf Keyboard has USB cable, which is used to connect to the computer. When it is connected, all buttons glows. Every button is made of led, and has a attractive look. This new technology touchscreen  keyboard has been launched into market supporting to windows. And a MAC version is on the way.

design of touchscreen keyboard, Cool Leaf Keyboard

Technically and practically same like usual keyboards

Cool Leaf Keyboard keyboard has a black frame, with specular touch panel. New Technology Cool Leaf Keyboard has a dimension of width 383 x height 17 x dimension 128 mm. It weights 620 g and has keyboard layout of qwerty of 108 keys. Cool Leaf Keyboard is available for around $250.

Fun with Touchscreen – Cool Leaf Keyboard

Cool Leaf Keyboard is made to reduce, again and again replacement of keys or keyboard. If you are in a room of significant sunlight, then it would be a little bit problem. It is best for dim light places, where sunlight is not falling directly. Its keys are at same position as like of usual keyboards.

It produces a chime sound while pressing each key. Cool Leaf Keyboard or button less keyboard is multi touch. You can touch at many places at once, and it will send signal of every touch. But due to its touch capability, this is not for everyone. All those users who type thousands of words a day, this is not fit for them. As it cannot sends such fast responses, as written during coding.

Cool Leaf Keyboard, button less touchscreen keyboard

New keyboard in market for everyone

But all those who are casual typist, or those who does not have such good typing speed. Those all can have New technology Cool Leaf Keyboard or touchscreen keyboard. New Technology Cool Leaf Keyboard adds a significant look to your computer. It has a microfiber cloth, so that you can clean it easily. Even from you finger prints to water, you can clean this keyboard. And without leaving any mark.

If you are interested  in buying such a button less touchscreen keyboard, you can try here.




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