How to Turn iPhone into extreme sport camera?

Earlier, when i didn’t have any extreme sport camera I tried to transform my iPhone into an extreme sport camera. I wanted to have feeling like GoPro.

I was so afraid to try  my iPhone in this case for snorkel videos, so I tried it first with paper towels since i was not ready to put $ 500 on risk. After a half hour underwater, the paper towels came out absolutely dry. This gave me the some strength to put my iPhone in the iClam case and i did snorkeling for about an hour. It worked great and I found my phone completely safe and dry.

Using iPhone as an extreme sport camera?

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But, Unfortunately, I stopped filming early on and then my fingers got cold in the water so I couldn’t get the touchscreen to respond to turn it back on. The water wasn’t very cold – just cold enough to bring my body temperature down a few degrees, but it was enough. No amount of rubbing or shaking my hands helped so we couldn’t shoot video with the iPhone for most of the snorkel.

After we were back on shore for fifteen or twenty minutes my hands warmed enough so I could activate the touchscreen through the Sabrent case and I was able to turn the video back on. I just let the video roll and I went back into the shallows for a while to film with the iPhone. The video looks great – it’s much sharper than the video shot in the first part of the review (shot with Sj 4000 wifi extreme sport camera.)

Use smartphone as GoPro like Extreme sport camera

The only drawback is, since the iClam is primarily designed to be mounted on a surfboard, kayak, helmet, etc., it is difficult to hold. It comes with an amazing assortment of straps, clamps, and buckles, for almost any mounting purpose, but some sort of small handle assembly would be nice, too. I’m sure I can hack one together, though.

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If you are going on vacation and plan on spending some time in, on, or around the water, this iClam case makes much better sense than spending the same amount on a waterproof extreme sport camera that won’t shoot even close to the quality of video/photos that your iPhone can. When it comes to budget or the cheap way to convert your smartphone into an extreme sport camera then its not a bad case.

Don’t go for it if you are really concerned about the quality

As i also mentioned on there is no comparison between an iPhone that turned into an extreme sport camera or a real extreme sport camera. Its so obvious that a company, completely dedicated to manufacture action cams for its consumers. Ofcourse, its products are going to be the great one.

The truth is “Sabrent” is giving “GoPro” a competition for its money. “Sabrent” is eliminating all the `bells & whistles’ that come with the “GoPro” and depending on your iPhone 4 or 4S to take up the slack. It’s kind of an ingenious idea at a fraction of the cost.

The kit is fully loaded with straps, buckles, mounts for chest, helmets, roll bar and mounting adhesives. They even include four screws and an Allen wrench, so you don’t have to fuss with anything. Like the other extreme sport camera like “GoPro” or mine one “SJ4000″, you will need to decide how much rocking, shakiness or blurriness you can deal with. Even attached to you dashboard while driving will give you a bit of a wiggle.

As i mentioned above that It’s not really fair to compare an iPhone4S to a “GoPro” extreme sport camera, but to give you an idea of what to expect:
“GoPro’s” cheapest model ($200) is 5mp (megapixels) and 30fps (frames per second).
“GoPro’s” next model ($300) is 12mp and 60fps.
An average iPhone4S is 5mp and (according to some research) ranges from 25-30fps. 30fps being the advertised speed.

My own personal experience so far on a bike and on a helmet is that the video is very shaky and irregular. When placed on a dashboard, the video is smoother, but still not shake-proof.



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