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In this Web Designing world, every beginner chooses a web designing software or editor to make his/her website. But this is not only reason to choose the best, main reason is that to find most handy software. Adobe Dreamweaver, NetBeans, Notepad++, and many more. But it is not like that every designer or developer uses same software. Every different developer or designer has its own reason for choosing that specific editor.

This was about experienced or professionals, but what about novices or beginners. How should they choose there dependent web designing software. Should they spend some time on each software or just pick up any random editor and start using it. Or they ask a professional and choose after there recommendation. But does these options are actually right  to choose a editor which is handy to you.

web desining software, confusion

Confused in choosing best Web Designing Software

Mainly beginners Google the difference between various web designing softwares and editors. And then they choose one, but some even get confused. Some got confused because they got difference basically in technical terms. And they want simple differences as they do not understand such technical specifications without using anyone.

Now to solve this confusion, there is difference between 3 web designing softwares, which are widely used. These softwares are NetBeans, Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 and Adobe Dreamweaver CC. These three softwares are used widely to make websites. And each has its own uniqueness for being chosen. So have a look over features and comparison of each so that you can have editor of your choice.

Top 3 Web Designing Softwares

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6– famous in Adobe Web Designing Softwares

Adobe Dreamweaver is a kind of software that every web designer knows. This web designing software is what mostly every web developer uses. Adobe Dreamweaver software is known firstly because of company and secondly for its great GUI. GUI makes this editor to be used on top of web designing softwares. This editor, which is only used for making websites using any of three server languages Php, Jsp and Asp.net.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, web designing software

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, famous in web designing software

Adobe Dreamweaver software is recommended by surprisingly every moderate or professional web designer. This software provides you live design of the web designing. As without checking the page on web browser you can see the result of written code in design pane.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC– latest of Adobe Web Designing Softwares

Same software like Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 but still have some differences. But besides those differences, an another good editor from ADOBE for designers. This web designing software is also very popular among every web designer.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC, web designing software

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6, famous in web designing software

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 web designing software also has same features as above. Effective GUI, Design pane, live web designing and more. But this web designing software is also popular among developers because of its CSS side pane editor. This pane has all properties, just select any tag, class or id you want to have properties. Then just choose the pre-written properties and set values, and that’s all.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 makes designing much more easier.

NetBeans-a new choice among Web Designing Softwares

An amazingly all in one software ever made. This is not a web designing software, used to make websites. This is a software on which you can even make programs or projects of  HTML 5, Php , Java SE, Java ME, Java EE, C, C++, Groovy. So much in one! doesn’t a good software to be used. And yes this software is used by every intermediate or professional coder.

netbeans, web designing software

NetBeans-a new choice among Web Designing Softwares

But there is one thing making this software not so popular as Dreamweaver is its very simple GUI, As every designer would love a good GUI software having handy features, but this software is a little far behind in this aspect. But still an amazingly editor to be used.

Basic Comparison between these editors

Cost: – Starting in terms of cost, NetBeans is free software launched by ORACLE. It provides all features without spending even a single penny. And about Dreamweaver, this is particularly a costly web designing software. But if you can spend money than you can have benefit of being a student.

Disk Space: Some students worry about the disk space used by software. Then NetBeans is a software which uses less disk usage than Dreamweaver. But over all both uses comparably less than 700 Mb.

GUI: In terms of GUI, Netbeans does not has so much attractive GUI as comparable to Dreamweaver. Netbeans does not provides you specifications on basis of GUI but on language compatibility. And Dreamweaver provides you an awesome GUI as a designer wants to be worked.

Dreamweaver CS6 GUI, Web Designing Software

Basic Comparison between these Web Designing Softwares, Dreamweaver CS6 GUI

Dreamweaver CC GUI, Web Designing Software

Basic Comparison between these Web Designing Softwares, Dreamweaver CC GUI

NetBeans GUI, Web Designing Software

Basic Comparison between these Web Designing Softwares, Netbeans GUI

HTML: All of the web designing softwares provides you same HTML compatibility. Both have the whole documentation upto HTML5. And also they provide you every attribute with every tags until updated.

CSS compatibility: Mainly both of them have fully compatibility with CSS. But still professionals prefers Dreamweaver to use in terms of CSS. As Dreamweaver provides most handy rules as compared to Netbeans.

CSS ease: Netbeans provides you options of every property that can be used in any tag, class or id. Hence you can use it if you want to code by yourself. But Dreamweaver CS6 provides an option of all properties of a particular div, just by placing cursor on that div. And Dreamweaver is most awesomely made web designing software, which even gives you full list of used and unused properties of particular class, tag or id.

Live Preview: All of them provides you live preview of the coding you have done. But in Netbeans you have to make a browser compatibility update. And after every code changed you have to run the in built browser. While in web designing software Dreamweaver as you just save the code changed, the preview or design pane automatically got updated.

RAM usage: In terms of RAM usage, Netbeans is comparably a light software. It uses less RAM than Dreamweaver. But Dreamweaver uses a big part of RAM to be run.

Server Side Languages: Netbeans is used only to run Php and Jsp pages. It has documentation of both server languages. While web designing software Dreamweaver CS6 provides you compatibility of all three server side languages Asp, Jsp and Php. But Dreamweaver CC only provides you Php support, but in the most handy manner and fully compatible.

Dreamweaver CS6, web designing software, server languages used

Server Side languages used in Dreamweaver CS6

Dreamweaver CC, web designing software, server languages used

Server Side languages used in Dreamweaver CC

Netbeans, web designing software, server languages used

Server Side languages used in Netbeans

File/Site Manager: The main thing is maintaining the site locally. Maintaining the files locations in the software itself. Which makes it easy to make website. And this feature is provided by all these three web designing softwares. But Netbeans has different method than Dreamweaver. But all makes its easy to maintain file locally.

Now a suggestion as being a coder, if you just want to make web site by your own effort. I prefer to use Netbeans or Dreamweaver CS6. But if you want to use a web designing software which helps you by providing half of the code, you should prefer Dreamweaver CC.

Choice of CODER and DEVELOPER.



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