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Windows Phones, emerging mobile phones which are in the competition with android directly. And this is because of its fabulous GUI with combination of apps. And even android games are loosing this market race. Windows Phone or WP games are going to take the lead.

An OS of mobile that come in market, and is getting famous faster than android. Windows Phone Games are not only the reason of there progress. But it is the most important reason. As android was there only one which provides all types of games. But now Windows Phones are also there in this race.

windows phone games

Windows Phone Games sync with XBox

Windows Phone are not only provided with Windows Phone Games, but also every types of apps that android provides. In addition it provides and similar interface of window 8 OS.  That is why it is getting more famous, and beating android. Another reason of beating is XBox Live. Most of windows phone games are sync with XBox Live. Which makes our identity worldwide in games. And also share our performance and record over the world.

This is all another matter, here there is a list of those windows phone games, which are being top rated. All these ratings are done by users who have played them. And these windows phone games are also liked by gamers very much. And here are top 5 rated windows phones games.

1. Texas Holdem –  WP game For club gamers

Everyone knows WP club card game, and many plays it as well. Some plays it most often, some plays it very less. But what if some time, you want to play club cards, and you can not go to club. Or your friends cannot have a get together. What if want to play cards with any of your friend who is far.

texas holdem, windows phone game

Play Club Card game online

This windows phone game is for those who want to play cards, whenever and wherever. The only things required are windows phone, this Xbox game app and internet connection. Either you are a newbie or an expert, that all doesn’t matter. Everyone is welcome, and without any charge.

In this Texas Holdem game you can invite others, you can be a part of any previously running game. You can add your friends, you can live chat with them. Even you can make your own avatar, you can have phone calls from other players. And even many more features of this game like lottery draw, gold coins, and many more.

If you love card game, just download this free game in your phone and have a real gaming fun.

2. Six Guns – WP action game

As suggested by name, this is an WP action shooting game. Six Guns game is about a man Buck Crosshaw, who never kill any innocent person. But now in Arizona, he has to fight, and survive for his life. Face evil one after another, fights to them. He want to survive, and you are the one to help him.

six guns, action game in windows phone games

Play, fight, survive among evils and robbers

You play this windows phone game as Buck Crosshaw, and fight for his life. This is upto you, that either he will kill or got killed. You have to explore the whole map, solve mysteries. Fight like a real person, ride horse, kill robbers. Help others and get rewards.

This action game is full of 8 different horses, 19 types of weapons, collection of clothes, ammo and many more things. It is a free game, and cost you nothing at any level. You can play this game as multiplayer. You can send invites, play with others, can have a voice chat and many more.

3. Hill Climb Racing – WP racing game

Hill Climb Racing, a WP racing game with a little mix of physics. Newton Bill, an uphill racer, who is on a journey to have a great experience, he never had. This windows phone game, is also popular on android. This game is played with a little respect to physics.

In this game, you have 16 different vehicles, 15 maps and upgrades. Run with the vehicle, collect coins, have upgrade, and go on. You have to control the vehicle speed, jumps and downs. Hill climb racing, is full of bonuses, tricks and coins.

hill climb racing, physics game in windows phone game store

Run collect coins, do stunts and flying

Play, but with caution, as your vehicle runs on petrol. And you have to refill it without missing any petrol spot. Collect more coins, with higher jumps, stunts and flying. This windows phone game has a smooth simulation. Designed with cool look, and compatible to both high and low resolutions.

Just have this free game, with a little bit physics logic, and you will get addicted to it.

4. Subway Surfer – New windows phone game

A popular game in android is also available in windows phone games list. Subway Surfer game is known by everyone who ever has android phone. A popular game, which is played by most of android gamers. A Dash and Dodge game for those who love playing such games. A good quality graphics game, with like never ending map.

This game is known by all, and everyone how to play. We just have to escape from grumpy inspector and his dog. And mean while running on tracks, we have to take care. Just to dodge the incoming trains, and collect the coins. More you collect and run, more you get points.

Subway Surfer, windows phone game of android

Run, Dash, Dodge among trains and from Cop

In this Subway Surfer free game, there are side missions. Complete daily mission, to get you higher on score board. Earn more, and unlock different alias, hover boards and power ups. This HD game , has cool graphics, with many more different tools. Perform acrobatics, challenge your friends and increase you multiplier.

5. Minion Rush – WP game of minions

Who all watched movie Despicable Me, they all know who Minions are. Gru’s loyal, yellow and gibberish speaking Minions, are the most famous in the movie. And now they are also here to be famous in windows phone games list. And the game is to complete with hilarious speed, to impress there boss super-villain Gru.

This is a popular game like Subway surfer, with a little bit same game controls, but with different style. Minion Rush, is to run, and to complete various missions. The most unique thing in game is state of the art 3d graphics. And also other thing to enjoy is multiple dynamic camera angles. This game is full of secrets, surprises and tiny obstacles.

Minion Rush, new WP game

Complete missions, run through obstacles, save Minion

You have to perform many despicable acts in this absolutely free game. Just run thorugh many maps, iconic locations, Gru’s Lab, Residential Area and El Macho’s Liar. And do not forget to customize you minion with different costumes, weapons and power ups. Destroy Mega Minions, collect bananas, use powers. And keep on running to become Minion of the Year.



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